Types of Tulsi Honey

Tulsi Honey can be of 3 types

  1. From the Tulsi Plantation
  2. From any plantation but infused with Tulsi extract/leaves
  3. From Tulsi Plantation and infused with Tulsi extract/leaves

The no. 3 is the most powerful one.

How it’s made –

To understand this better, just imagine a honey bee hovering over this Tulsi plantation field and land on a flower of a Tulsi plant. The honey bee sucks the nector from the Tulsi flower and hops on to the next flower and then to the next and so on…. and all Tulsi plant flowers. The nectar of any flower is the purest form and contains all the nutrition that plant possesses. And then the honey bee makes the honey from that Tulsi nectar.

Once that Tulsi honey is extracted, it is then mixed with a set ratio of Tulsi extracts and Tulsi leaves and left in a temperature controlled tank for over 30 days. This period is called infusion period and needs to be done below 42o C to ensure that all the nutrients are intact.

Benefits of Tulsi Honey –

Tulsi is a known herb with super medicinal benefits. In Indian continent the Tulsi plant is worshipped, which can give you an idea about how powerful its benefits are. Majorly it is considered as immunity booster as it is rich in Zinc and Vitamin C. It is generally advised in ayurveda to consume tulsi in Cough and cold. Tulsi is often advised for general wellbeing and longevity. The Herb is incomparable as stated by ayurveda. The ayurvedic medicines use the herb in many medicinal preparations.

The honey which comes from Tulsi blossom/ plantation possesses all the benefits of Tulsi and to make its power 3X it is then infused with Tulsi Extract and Tulsi Leaves. You already must have known the benefits of honey in general. Now imagine this power combined with Tulsi can do the miracles for you.

Which Brand do we suggest –

There are few brands making Tulsi Honey, but mostly are not making no. 3 type. I came across a brand FORET, which claims it to be the 3rd type. Hence I ordered and used for over 3 months. I must say that it tastes premium with strong tulsi aroma and taste. They claim that it is extracted cold and infused cold, which is exactly I was searching for. I believe that prevention is better than cure. Believe it or not the real natural medicines are already provided to us by mother nature in terms of herbs, food and water. I trust that this company keeps going well and provide the pure food at reasonable prices. All the above information about how they make their Tulsi honey is taken from authentic source at Foret Foods. Below is the link if want to buy the same –


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