Premium Sidr Honey 140g

Gulf’s favorite and amongst the world’s most expensive honeys



About this Honey

Origin : Sidr Orchards
(Rajasthan, INDIA)

Naturally Digestive

Gulf’s favorite and amongst the world’s most expensive honeys is this one. It’s hard to find the most aromatic and flavorful Sidr Honey, as it comes from the berry blossoms but not all the berry plantation are the same for the production of signature aromatic Sidr Honey. Foret brings to you the best which the Gulf gets.


How your Favourite Foret Premium Honey range is made ?

Foret Premium honey range is for the ones who embrace the flavour notes of selective uniflora honey. Experience the rich taste with ambient aroma that blows you away.

The Premium range comes directly to you from the single plantation premium orchards. The honey from single blossom carries the similar properties as the plant and its blossom/fruit.

The honey is delicately handled and filtered at Foret facility and it never reaches the temperatures beyond 42OC, which ensures the goodness of naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, pollens, enzymes and more to stay intact with your honey. Experience the honey like never before. Always true to nature, true to you.


Why Foret Honey ?

❖ No Additives. 100 % pure Honey
❖ Your Foret honey is highly enriched with Bee Pollen.
❖ Non GMO and free from BPA
❖ Unaltered & Free from Chemicals
❖ Naturally Strained and Cold Extracted to Preserve all of its Unique Properties and to keep all the Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals Intact.
❖ Every batch of Foret limited edition honey comes from season’s unique flora, hence the name Limited Edition
❖ The limited edition honey is sourced from lower Himalayan mountain ranges of either Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir or Uttrakhand.
❖ Your Foret honey comes in a glass bottle, ideal for honey which let you stay away from certain harmful effects of plastic jars.



Brand Name: Foret
Product Type: Uniflora Natural Honey
Shelf Life: 36 Months
Container: Glass Bottle
Country of Origin: India
Certification: FSSAI certified
Origin: Rajasthan, INDIA
Unique Factor: Cold extracted



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